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Review 2019 Hyundai Kona Features & Specs

Entering its second year in existence, the Kona makes a few changes in 2019 to make it an even better subcompact crossover. One of the most important changes come in the number of safety features that now come standard. All models of the new Kona will feature dual USB charging ports, instead of the 12-volt power outlet found in some trims in 2018.


No Car Hacking Allowed! Protect your Car

Some very scary realities have grown up around the modern smart vehicle revolution. Connectivity, apps, and state of the art technology have certainly improved the quality of our vehicles and the way that we interact and use them on a daily basis, but the dark side of this revolution is the phenomenon of car hacking. Car hacking means exactly the way it sounds. Hackers are able to tap into your vehicle's connected technologies and computers and sometimes steal information, locate your vehicle for theft, open your car doors and steal things out of the car, or sometimes even affect safety features that you and your family depend on.