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Is There a Recall on Your Hyundai?

At Reliable Hyundai, we are ready to service all models of Hyundai vehicles in the instance of a recall. If you're unsure whether there is an outstanding recall on your vehicle and would like to look into the matter, you can always use the recall inquiry form on our website. Click below to continue.


2020 Hyundai Palisade Model Review

The 2020 Hyundai Palisade is a new midsize SUV that promises to delight drivers and passengers alike. The Palisade is designed to replace Hyundai Santa Fe XL, and this new SUV is intended to be the automaker's flagship model. When you take a closer look at what this gorgeous new model offers, you will see that it has been created with performance, innovation and comfort in mind. By reaching out to our Hyundai sales team today for more information, you can get up-to-date details about the Palisade and its availability.


How to Maximize your Car's MPG this Year

Whether you spend time on the road when commuting or use your car for running errands around town, each mile that you drive determines the amount of fuel that you use. For many car owners, it can be easy to spend hundreds of dollars of fuel each month. If you're looking to maximize your car's MPG this year, there are a few main tips to follow that will prove to be effective.