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2019 Hyundai Sonata Review

After making some mid-year changes in 2018, Hyundai largely kept the 2019 Sonata the same. All of the mid-2018 changes have carried over to the 2019 model. The only major difference in 2019 is the elimination of the "plus" designation.


Buying A New Car? 5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself

Buying a new car is a big commitment, one that you should never enter into lightly. Before you commit to this big purchase, here are just five questions you should be asking yourself.


OEM Hyundai Parts

As a car owner, you have an important decision to make when replacing parts. Do you go with a replacement part that comes straight from the car manufacturer, or do you save money and go with the cheaper alternative? Here at our dealership, we only use parts called Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) components for your Hyundai. That's because OEM parts are backed by a manufacturer's warranty, which means that they will fit your car and be guaranteed to last for a certain period of time.